Adi Kraut-Adler


Adi Kraut-Adler is a doctoral candidate in the Zvi Yavetz School of Historical Studies at Tel Aviv University.  Her dissertation topic is entitled, “From the ‘Cape to Cairo’, from the British colonial project to the ‘BRI’, the Chinese project in Africa – Perceptions, Ideas, and Execution,” and is being advised by Dr. Ori Sela and Dr. Irit Back.  She has lectured or served as teaching assistant and substitute lecturer at Tel Aviv University, at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and coordinates the Africa Forum (Bimat Africa) at Tel Aviv University.

Ms. Kraut-Adler has been invited to participate in multiple academic conferences where she demonstrated her expertise in Chinese-Africa relations.  Among these appearances, in 2018 she presented her paper, “The Chinese Migration to Africa – Why and How?” at the 5th Ruppin International Conference on Immigration & Social Integration.  In May 2017, she presented her paper, “Africa through the lens of the media” at the Annual Conference of the Israeli Society of Political Science.