Itamar Radai


Dr. Itamar Radai completed his PhD at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2010, and a post-doctoral fellowship at New York University (NYU) in 2010-2011. His book, Palestinians in Jerusalem and Jaffa, 1948: A Tale of Two Cities, was published by Routledge in 2016, while its Hebrew edition was published by the MDC in 2015. 

Dr. Radai specializes in the History of the Palestinians, the Arab-Israeli Conflict, and the Arabs in Israel, since the British Mandate period until the present day. He has published numerous articles on these subjects in scholarly journals. Dr. Radai had taught courses on the Palestinians, the Arabs in Israel, the Arab-Israeli Conflict, and the Modern Middle East at Tel Aviv University, the Hebrew University, the University of Haifa, and NYU. During the academic year 2018-2019 Dr. Radai will serve as a Visiting Research Fellow at NYU.

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