TAU Workshop on Israel and the Middle East


The Moshe Dayan Center's "TAU Workshop on Israel and the Middle East" is an intensive 12-day academic workshop and travel program that focuses on the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict and on contemporary issues related to Israel, the Palestinian territories and the broader Middle East. A select group of Middle East Studies lecturers from universities around the world receive an invitation to take part in the workshop which is held each year in the month of July. The workshop is designed for university faculty members who have obtained a PhD, who teach courses that relate to the Modern Middle East and who have had limited opportunities to travel in Israel. 

The speaker's program features many of the most outstanding Israeli and Palestinian academics who present and discuss scholarship on historical and current issues related to Israel and the Middle East. The academic program is enriched by a wide variety of practitioners, including Knesset members, civil servants, diplomats, journalists, map specialists, IDF officers, co-existence leaders and negotiators.

Sessions are held at a wide variety of locations around Israel  chosen to enrich the academic content of the session. Participants come away from the program with a deepened understanding of the different perspectives on the Arab-Israeli Conflict, with insights into contemporary issues related to Israel and the broader Middle East, and with personal connections to Israeli and Palestinian counterparts and to their fellow participants from around the world.

Dr. Chelsi Mueller is the academic coordinator for this program. For inquiries, please contact her at tauworkshop@post.tau.ac.il