MENA Regional Fellowship

Applications are now open for the 2020 MENA Regional Fellows Program.  

The MENA Regional Fellows Program hosts scholars from the Middle East and North Africa who are also currently teaching or permanently conducting research therein. The program enables Fellows to be in residence at the MDC for a period of approximately three months. During this time, they receive full access to our resources and a fixed grant to help defray housing, transportation, and research costs. Applicants wishing to stay for less time will still be considered, but will receive a grant pro-rated for the length of their stay.  

While in residence, the Fellow will be matched with an Moshe Dayan Center researcher or researcher with whom he or she will pursue a joint research project.  The results of this project may be published under the auspices of the Center, or elsewhere as appropriate. Fellows will also be expected to participate in relevant researcher's forums held from time to time, and will have the opportunity to give guest lectures.  

Those wishing to apply for this program should contact Moshe Dayan Center at Please make sure to attach a short (1 page) preliminary proposal for your plan of research during your stay at the MDC, along with an updated CV. While we will be happy to match you with one of our researchers on the basis of your application, please note in your proposal if there is a specific researcher with whom you would like to work.

Those wishing to apply for 2018 should submit their applications no later than 1 May 2020