Moshe Dayan Center Research Publications

Man at computer. Illustrative only.

Since our founding, the Moshe Dayan Center has disseminated its work through in-house publications, beginning with the Middle East Record in 1960, and continuing to the present day.

Each month, the MDC publishes new issues of our digital publications, each containing short-form articles on critical developments in our region. This is the primary means by which our ongoing research is disseminated to key audiences in the public and private sectors. Articles are written by our researchers and the occasional guest contributor, and are useful tools to policy makers and practitioners who utilize our research to develop appropriate courses of action. They are then disseminated online and through our e-mail distribution lists.

Whereas our periodical digital publications track and analyze events as they occur, our printed publications are able to take a wider and more comprehensive view. The books and monographs published by the MDC in both English and Hebrew therefore represent the capstones of our research. They are accessible through many libraries, distributed to our friends and supporters upon publication, and offered for sale through the MDC. In short, they represent a lasting product that has the potential to truly influence the current scholarly discourse.