Middle East Reactions to the First Year of the Biden Administration

President Joe Biden's Inauguration, January 2021
President Joe Biden's Inauguration, January 2021. From Wikimedia Commons [Public Domain].

Whereas Joe Biden's election as U.S President was greeted with a sign of relief in Germany and the E.U., reactions in the Middle East varied greatly. Trump's uneven Middle East policy had over the years created new allies that viewed a possible change of direction under Biden with concern, as well as actors who were sidelined significantly during Trump's term and hoped for an upgrade of relations.

This paper seeks to examine, through a series of brief analytical essays, how key players in the region view the Biden Administration, and more broadly, their relations and interactions with the United States year into its term. This should help to assess possible developments in the future.

This paper continues a series of cooperative projects between Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Israel Office and the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, dealing with regional dynamics and intra-regional dialogue.


Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction - Joshua Krasna
  2. Saudi Arabia and the Biden Administration: Back to Basics? - Brandon Friedman
  3. Egyptian - U.S. Relations a year into the Biden Administraion - Michael Barak
  4. One Year into Biden's Presidency, Iran Stands at a Strategic Crossroads -  Omer Carmi
  5. The United Arab Emirates and the Biden Administration: A Year Later - Uzi Rabi
  6. Turkish-American Relations in the Biden Era: "It's Complicated" - Hay Eytan Cohen Yanarocak
  7. Iraqi Discourse on the Biden Administration - Sam Helfont
  8. Overtaken by Events: The Biden Administrations's Deepening Engagement in Lebanon - Carl Yonker
  9. The Palestinians and the Biden Administration - Harel Chorev
  10. Jordan and the Biden Administration: Back Where They Want to Be - Joshua Krasna
  11. North Africa and the Biden Administration: Clinging to Previous Commitments, Facinng New Challenges - Daniel Zisenwine
  12. The Kurds and Biden: Ambiguous Relations - Ofra Bengio
  13. The Biden Administration and the October 2021 Sudan Military Coup - Eline Rosenhart
  14. Israel and the Biden Administration, One Year Out - Haviv Rettig Gur

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