Syria Forum

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The  Syria Forum is the Moshe Dayan Center's flagship analytical forum dealing with issues corresponding to Syria, its environs, and related topics. The forum brings together scholars, practitioners, and policymakers, as well as  those involved in on-the-ground humanitarian and peacekeeping projects. The forum approach contemporary Syria from a multi-disciplinary angle, integrating research that focuses not only on the contemporary security threats and challenges in Syria, but also the evolving changes in Syria’s economy, society, and culture.

While the forum aims to analyze contemporary issues, it is also a mechanism to engage in transnational and cross-cultural dialogue, between Israelis and representatives of other groups in the region. As a result, Forum sessions are conducted using Chatham House Rules , unless otherwise specified.

The Syria Forum hold regular meetings and exchanges between Israeli and non-Israeli researchers and serves as a source for Syria related knowledge for Israeli media and academia. Public events related to the forum will be posted in MDC website and social media feed.

Forum Leadership
Dr. Nir Boms (Forum co-Chair)
Dr. Joel Parker  (Forum co-Chair)
Jesse Weinberg (Forum Coordinator)
Moran Levanoni