Research Internships at the MDC

Intern working at the MDC

MDC 2014-15 Intern Linda Dayan

Research-based internships at the MDC are highly competitive, and draw students and aspiring academics from leading institutions throughout the world. Internships  can be part-time (10-20 hours a week) or full time (20-35 hours a week), and are generally for a period of three to six months with the possibility of shortening or lengthening the term, as appropriate. 

An internship with the Moshe Dayan Center provides a unique experience to work intimately with a group of world-renowned scholars and experts in Middle Eastern and African Studies. While a variety of skills may enable interns to get the most out of our internship program, the key component is a keen curiosity and openness to learn about the MENA region today and in the recent past. Language proficiency in Arabic, Turkish, Persian, or Hebrew is a helpful addition, which will empower the researcher with tools to understand the ever changing world with an increasing number of participants constantly entering the world of social media, digital communication, and publication. English language comprehension and written ability must be demonstrated for most projects, and skilled writers may participate in a variety of projects related to MDC publications.

The Moshe Dayan Center is home to one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of modern and contemporary Arabic-language newspapers in the world. Interns have full access to these Arabic Press Archives and are welcome to glean sources from it, free of charge. At the same time, interns are asked to assist in the daily activities of the Arabic Archives for a limited amount of time during their internship, in addition to their research project. In addition to research and the other projects listed above, interns are invited to conferences, seminars, and movie and lecture series hosted by the Center throughout the academic year.

Internships with the MDC are unpaid. However, if the intern has a financial sponsor, the Center will be happy to issue an official letter of invitation and/or completion to the intern or the sponsor, as specified by the applicant. Limited funding is available on a competitive basis through the Amira Margalith Research Internship Program.