The New Normal? Arab States and Normalization with Israel

Signing the Abraham Accords, September 15, 2020
Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony, September 15, 2020. The White House [public domain]

The recent wave of public normalizations of relations between Arab states and Israel – the Abraham Accords between United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in September 2020, the agreement with Sudan in October, and the renewal of relations with Morocco in December - are indicators of an extremely significant change in Middle East political and strategic dynamics which has occured over the past decade or more.

There is much speculation regarding which states will be next to improve relations with Israel, what their considerations will be, and how the development of relations will unfold between Israel and those countries that have already undertaken to improve relations with it. This collection of short essays, published by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in collaboration with the Moshe Dayan Center (MDC), seeks to provide some insight into these questions.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: The New Normal - Joshua Krasna
  2. Israel and North Africa: Out of Sight, Not out of Mind - Daniel Zisenwine
  3. Sudanese Perceptions of the Sudan-Israel Rapprochment - Eline Rosenhart
  4. Saudi Arabia and Israel: Preparing for the American Downsizing in the Middle East - Brandon Friedman
  5. Israel and the Gulf: Future Prospects for Normalization - Uzi Rabi
  6. Iraqi-Israeli Normalization: Economic Solution or Accelerant of Internal Division? - Rachel Kantz Feder
  7. Between Rejection and Acceptance: The Normalization Agreements with Israel in the Egyptian Public Discourse - Michael Barak
  8. The Palestinians and the Normalization Agreements with Israel - Harel Chorev
  9. Israel and the Horn of Africa: What are the Odds with the Countries that Still Don't Recognize Israel? - Irit Back
  10. The Arab Minority in Israel and the Normalization Agreements with Arab Countries - Arik Rudnitzky
  11. Sunni Jihadists and the Abraham Accords: Predictable Responses to a Changing Regional Reality - Adam Hoffman


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