Bernard Lewis (1916-2018): an intellectual giant (Fathom)

Senior Research Fellow Prof. Asher Susser has published an obituary for the late Prof. Bernard Lewis, z"l, in the Fathom journal.

With the passing of Bernard Lewis, the world has sadly lost the greatest Middle East historian of the modern era. Lewis died on 19 May just a few days short of his 102nd birthday. The inordinate wealth of scholarship that Lewis produced in well over half a century of active academic life has enriched the field like no other and was blessed with a uniquely sweeping paradigmatic brilliance. His observations were not offered as predictions. They were his astute and learned analyses, but they were amazingly prescient in their understanding of the in-depth processes and social and political undercurrents of the Middle East and the Arab and Muslim world of our times.  Click here to read more