Changing borders in a changing region: the civilian dimension and security predicament along the Syrian-Israeli border

Nir Boms and Karolina Zielińska have published an article in the peer-reviewed "Israel Affairs," where they examine the civilian-security situation on the Golan border with Syria.

The Syrian civil war – which has largely ended following bloody 8 years – serves as a prime case study of mechanisms which challenge border realities, as well as geography and demography, through engagement of manifold internal and external actors. This article discusses these processes and their implications by focusing on the Syro-Israeli borderland. It analyses the main actors and their motives, geography of interactions, as well as implications for humanitarian situation and security considerations. It is argued that while the dynamics in the Syro-Israeli borderland have several unique characteristics, they also point to a broader process of re-drawing borderlands and lines of influence in the Middle East region.