Hamas attack proved two working assumptions wrong

Prof. Eyal Zisser wrote in "Israel Hayom" about Israel's wrong assumptions regarding Hamas and the necessity of overthrowing Hamas in Gaza.

"Hamas' killing spree led to the collapse of the concept that Israel stuck to over the past two decades, according to which the terror organization should be viewed as a partner in maintaining peace and stability along the borders. The assumption is that Hamas wants to solidify its rule in Gaza, and as such, would work with Israel in exchange for economic benefits and concessions.

Another concept that has been shattered is that Israel is omnipotent in terms of intelligence and military capabilities and has the power to deter Hamas. After all, what sane organization would put its very existence at risk and take on the most powerful country in the Middle East?"

"The conclusion is real: Israel must start thinking outside the box. It must not come up with maneuvers – political and military – to leave Hamas with hope of recovery. Hamas' rule must be overthrown, which will be achieved by removing Hamas from power in Gaza completely."

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