Higher Education's Hypocrisy

MDC intern Inbar Brand wrote in the Jewish Journal about anti-Israel sentiment on US campuses during Israel-Hamas war.

"Academic integrity, complexity, and critical thinking have lost their place on college campuses, as revisionist history is espoused in an alternate universe where virtually all historical records showing a constant Jewish presence in Israel are being neglected by a growing community of pseudointellectual echo chambers. Young people have not invented this behavior on their own; they are mimicking the attitudes of those above them."

"As leading institutions of forward-thinking learning and leadership, colleges have utterly failed to enforce their commitment to safety and inclusion, which is leading to greater antisemitism. Since October 7th, Jewish students have been assaulted and harassed at Tulane and George Washington Universities. At Georgia Tech University, a Jewish fraternity house was vandalized. At Cooper Union, Jewish students were forced to hide in a library after being cornered by pro-Palestinian protestors. At a Columbia University vigil for the victims of the massacre in Israel, Jewish students mourning a murdered friend were told "you deserve this." This Sunday, students at Cornell University wrote on an online discussion board, "If you see a Jewish ‘person’ on campus follow them home and slit their throat."

There is nothing inclusive and open-to-debate about such morally reprehensible behavior. Most alarming in these incidents of outright violence against Jews is a widespread inaction against their perpetrators, a trend practiced by nearly every American university. There is a direct correlation between universities’ weak response to anti-Zionist protests and the increase in swastikas being drawn on walls."

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