The Houthis are anything but heroes

Ilan Zalayat has published an article in the Forward, explaining who the Houthis are and what prompted them to get involved in the war in Gaza through launching attacks towards Southern Israel and ships in the Red Sea.

"Social media in the West, and particularly in the Arab world, has been filled with support for "Yemen" (conflating the country with the militia group that controls it) as an ally for Gaza. In some pro-Palestinian protests in the West, demonstrators chant: "Yemen, Yemen make us proud, turn another ship around," praising the militia’s perceived leftist agenda of anti-imperialism and defiance of global capitalism through their sea trade blockades. However, the demonstrators couldn’t be more wrong about the Houthis."

"The Houthis’ drive is not securing peace for Gaza and the liberation of the Palestinian people; it is taking over Yemen. The fallacy of many of the West who believe in the Houthis as a noble force for anti-imperialism and Palestinian liberation is shocking when faced with the reality."

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