Israel Is About to Make a Disastrous Mistake in Lebanon

Dr. Joel Parker wrote in Haaretz about Israel's necessity to define its goals before entering a war with Hizballah.

"Israel is poised to significantly escalate its attacks on Hezbollah in the coming weeks. On Tuesday, the army's chief of staff said the country is "ready" for war, the same day fires continued to rage across northern Israel sparked by Hezbollah rockets and drones as cross-border fighting continues to intensify.

Many would argue that a third Lebanon war is inevitable.The first and second Lebanon wars, the first launched in 1982 and the second in 2006, were vastly different from each other – one became an 18-year quagmire, the other ended relatively quickly but with limited gains.

It will be essential that hard-won lessons on how difficult it is to secure domestic and international support for a significant military operation be heeded. There must be a clear and realistic end goal from day one..."

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