Israel should not wait for Nasrallah to strike

Professor Eyal Zisser, the Vice Rector of TAU and former director of MDC, has published an article in "Israel Hayom" discussing Israel's present tensions with Hezbollah and the effects of recent political turmoil on security.

"In Tehran, Beirut, and in Gaza, Israel's enemies are gleefully watching what's happening here. They are convinced that their generations-long vision of destroying Israel is now finally becoming a reality right beneath their feet without having to do a thing.

It is interesting that the rest of the Arab world has been following what has been unfolding in Israel with great interest, but it harbors no hope or illusions, nor does it show any schadenfreude or sense of victory. After all, the Arab regimes with which Israel has signed agreements want a strong Israel that can cater to their security needs and predicaments. Apart from that, they don't want domestic Arab forces to take inspiration from the Israelis and start rallying against the regime. But for the actors in the resistance axis, this is very different. More flare-ups involving them are just a matter of time, and deterrence has to be maintained. That is why Israel should choose the timing and theater of the conflagration, rather than let Nasrallah and his partners drag it once again into hostilities at times that are inconvenient. In other words, it is time to hit Nasrallah, and the sooner the better."

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