The Khorasan Group


The threat posed by the Islamic State to many nations has led to the formation of an international coalition whose forces have been bombing Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria. Some of the bombings in Syria have targeted the strongholds of the Khorasan group. Very little is known about this group. It appears to be an international terrorist cell that settled in Syria under the cover of the country’s chaos in order to plan attacks against the West and train its members to carry them out. In September 2014, the United States labelled the Khorasan group an imminent security threat that is even more dangerous than the Islamic State. The aim of this essay is to shed light on the Khorasan group, its members, and their capabilities, and based on our analysis of this group, determine whether or not it poses a potential threat, which, assumingly, could be aimed at the West and also at Israel and the Jewish diaspora.