Nadi Cinema (Spring 2016) - Middle Eastern Film Club

Nadi Cinema is the Moshe Dayan Center's Middle Eastern Film Club. Every month, Nadi Cinema features a film screening and a discussion group led by an expert in Middle Eastern Studies. The screenings take place once a month on Thursdays at 5pm in Gilman building, room 133.


10 March - Ms. Joyce van de Bildt presents, “The Water Diviner

Water Diviner (Source: IMDB)

7 April     -  Dr. Irit Bak presents, “Desert Flower

Desert Flower (Source: IMBD)

5 May     - Ms. Duygu Atlas presents, “Little Black Fish

Little Black Fish Poster (Credit: Hurriyet)


2 June    - Dr. Itamar Radai presents, “Dancing Arabs” 

"Dancing Arabs" Poster