Nasrallah is playing with fire

Eyal Zisser, the Vice Rector of TAU and former director of MDC, has published an article in "Israel Hayom", discussing Hassan Nasrallah's threats of waging all-out war against Israel.

"For the first time since July 2006, when the Second Lebanon War broke out, winds of war are blowing in the North. Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has apparently had time to forget the horrendous destruction he brought upon Lebanon at the time, and he is once again playing with fire, hoping, and actually betting, that he will be able to control the height of the flames.

In recent weeks, Nasrallah has been threatening war. Similar to 2006, when he demanded the release of murderer Samir al-Kuntar from prison in Israel, the return of the Shab'a farm to Lebanon and took military action to achieve this goal, Nasrallah is now presenting a list of demands that, if not met, his organization will work hard to attain, even at the price of war."

Read the full article in English here.

Read the full article in Hebrew here.