The Nazis had the SS, Hamas has the Nukhba: Sinwar's diabolical unit

Dr. Michael Milshtein wrote in Ynet News about the Nukhba, Hamas’ elite unit founded by Yahya Sinwar.

"The most striking element of the Nukhba interrogations is their calmness when asked about their involvement in the October 7 massacre. They describe the atrocities they committed and the instructions they received not with excitement but rather with indifferent language and a blank stare. Occasionally, one may try to absolve himself of guilt by claiming he was possessed, but most testify that they acted deliberately and not out of frenzy.

Like the vicious guard dogs trained by Napoleon in George Orwell's "Animal Farm," every ideological totalitarian regime insists on establishing a zealous force of loyalists, ready to sacrifice themselves for the leader. The force is devoid of any moral qualms, towards both external enemies and their own people. Examples for this are the Nazi SS in Germany, the Republican Guard in Syria and Iraq and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps."

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