The "Other Iraq" after Mosul: What Future for the Kurdish Region?

Head of Kurdish Studies Prof. Ofra Bengio analyzes the future of the Kurdistan Region post-Islamic State in her chapter from the edited volume, "After Mosul: Re-Inventing Iraq."

A young Massoud Barzani (now KRG President) with one-time Iraqi Prime Minister Qasim

A young Massoud Barzani (now KRG President) with 'Abd al-Karim Qasim, who ruled Iraq as Prime Minister from 1958-1963.

"This essay will examine these sets of assumptions against the background of various historical, sociopolitical, and cultural developments and assess the probability of each of them. It will also evaluate the extent to which the Kurdish drive towards independence has reached a critical mass, making it impossible to turn the wheel back to the unified state which had informed Twentieth century Iraq."