As Pogroms Targeted Aleppo's Jews, My Family Made a Dangerous Choice: To Flee

Ofra Bengio, a Senior Researcher in MDC, in a special article for Haaretz about how her family fled from Aleppo.

"The first time we attempted to escape Aleppo was shortly after the United Nations vote on the partition of Palestine in November 1947. A powerful fear seized us and all the Jews in the city during the war, when we were compelled to cope with bitter experience of seeing the burning of our businesses, schools and synagogues, including the Central, or Great, Synagogue, which housed the ancient Aleppo Codex (the priceless manuscript of the Hebrew Bible created in Tiberias in the 10th century). Our family, who lived in a Muslim neighborhood and saw with our own eyes the torching of the Jewish-owned café opposite our home, and heard the angry crowds chanting that, "Palestine is our land, and the Jews are our dogs," decided that there was no alternative but to try and flee Syria before it was too late".


Read the full article in English: Haaretz, 20.5.2021.

Read the full article in Hebrew: Haaretz, 14.5.2021.