Uzi Rabi on the Foreign Workers in Qatar and the FIFA World Cup (in Hebrew)


Uzi Rabi, head of the Moshe Dayan Center, was interviewed by YNET for an article (in Hebrew) on foreign workers in Qatar, many of whom were killed during the construction of Qatar's upcoming FIFA World Cup infrastructure.

"Qatar has 2.7 million residents, but only 350 thousand of them are citizens. Here we have a country with a very odd socio-demographic composition... foreign workers usually come from the Indian subcontinent and from Southern Asian countries like the Philippines. This phenomenon also exists in neighboring countries like Kuwait, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia, though not in such a drastic way."

On Western countries' reactions to the human rights violations of these workers, Professor Rabi says "Qatar paid a huge sum of money for this and has very large business ventures with the countries sending their football teams. When money enters the picture in such high amounts, countries tend to pay more attention to it than to righteous values."

The full interview can be found in Hebrew here.