Warm Peace and the Challenge of People to People Relations after the Abraham Accords

Nir Boms writes, alongside Bahraini political consultant Shayan Arya, for "Fikra Forum" of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy about the importance of people-to-people relations for the Abraham Accords.

"The Abraham Accords were crafted in a very different spirit than the earlier peace agreements between Israel and Jordan or Egypt. The Camp David Agreement of 1978 did in fact outline plans to establish normal relations between Egypt and Israel, including diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties. Yet actual people-to-people (P2P) relations remain effectively nonexistent."

"Under the shining veneer of progress, however, several challenges remain to be addressed. Likewise, a few lessons already learned through the recent efforts of engagement should be incorporated as the partners of the Abraham Accords attempt to strengthen their relationship and begin to understand each other."