What if Israel Refuses to Decide on the Palestinian Territories?

Michael Milshtein writes for "Haaretz" about the different approaches of the Israeli governments towards the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

"Two conceptions have lain at the heart of the Israeli debate over the territories since 1967. Their leading exponents were Moshe Dayan and Yigal Allon, two leaders of the founding generation who aspired to reach the top of the ruling party and to navigate Israel according to their respective visions. The struggle between these two fused both ideological and personal elements. Both were driven by a clear understanding of the potential impact of the Palestinian question in general, and control of the territories in particular, on Israel’s national security and on its character. However they advocated different interpretations as to the desirable response to the trap that a lack of decision could embody".

Read the full article in English here - Haaretz, 19.11.2021.

Read the full article in Hebrew here - הארץ, 17.11.2021.