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Jihadi Beheading Videos and their Non-Jihadi Echoes

Ariel Koch's article illustrates two processes: first, the “mainstreaming” of beheadings among Jihadists, and second, the imitation of this method (decapitation) by individuals motivated by other kinds of extremism

The Geopolitics of Sectarianism in the Persian Gulf

MDC Director Uzi Rabi and Chelsi Mueller have published an article in the peer-reviewed, "Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies," where they discuss the sectarian rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Trends in Anti-Fascist and Anarchist Recruitment and Mobilization

Ariel Koch's article sheds light on the contemporary left-wing extremism and violent mobilization in Europe and North America, its reflections on the Internet and in music, and its violent activity at home against "fascist" representatives (such as right-wing extremist groups and individuals), and even abroad, against other "fascist" representatives, such as the Islamic State organization.