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Tel Aviv Notes is the Moshe Dayan Center's bi-monthly analytical update on current affairs and regional developments in the Middle East. It has a regular distribution schedule on the 10th and 26th of each month. On occasion, as events in the region become breaking news, research fellows provide special editions of Tel Aviv Notes to keep our subscribers updated as events unfold. Currently, we have archived issues dating back to 2011. If you are looking for an older article, please contact us and we will be glad to assist. 

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Heidi Basch-Harod explains the effect of the #MeToo movement on the Middle East and analyzes key developments in women's rights issues in the region during 2017.

Victory in Iraq and Syria?

Brandon Friedman examines what the declarations of victory in the war against the Islamic State mean for Iraq and Syria.

The Palestinian Arabs in Israel: Reconceptualizing the Past

Arik Rudnitzsky examines changes in the historiography of Arab society in Israel and shows how new contributions highlight the elements of resistance that prevailed among the Arab population in the years following the establishment of the state.