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Tel Aviv Notes is the Moshe Dayan Center's bi-monthly analytical update on current affairs and regional developments in the Middle East. It has a regular distribution schedule on the 10th and 26th of each month. On occasion, as events in the region become breaking news, research fellows provide special editions of Tel Aviv Notes to keep our subscribers updated as events unfold. Currently, we have archived issues dating back to 2011. If you are looking for an older article, please contact us and we will be glad to assist. 

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Trump's First 100 Days and Syria

MDC Researcher Brandon Friedman explains the Trump administration's approach to foreign policy and its influence on the diplomatic process to wind down the Syrian war.

"Arab Idol": A Palestinian Victory, At Last

Ronni Shaked and Itamar Radai explain the context and significance of the Palestinian participation in the fourth season of the Arab Idol competition, whose winner was Bethlehem native Yacoub Shahin.

Nostalgia for the Monarchy in Egypt

Joyce van de Bildt - de Jong explains that today's yearning for the monarchy in Egypt, while detached from historical reality, is a reaction to present popular grievances, in particular the lack of stability, security, freedom, and economic opportunities in Egyptian society today.

The Changing Regional Architecture of the Middle East

Senior Research Fellow Prof. Asher Susser explains that while the Arabs remain the largest ethnic group in the region, the non-Arab states have become its key political players. The non-Arab states, Iran and Turkey and to a lesser degree Israel, have filled the void left by Arab weakness.