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Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria: sinking together?

In this issue of Iqtisadi Paul Rivlin analyses the underlying factors in the economic problems facing Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, and highlights losses in personal income among the populations in these countries that have added fuel to social protests in recent months.

Sudan’s Predicament and the Israeli Connection

In this issue of Iqtisadi, Paul Rivlin delves into the structural factors that led to protests and the overthrow of Sudan's longtime dictator, Omar al-Bashir, in 2019. This background along with more recent developments, explains why some of the leadership in Sudan today believe engagement with Israel makes good economic sense.

The Iranian Empire Cracks, at Home and Abroad

In our latest issue of Iqtisadi, Paul Rivlin discusses the effects of sanctions on the Iranian economy, and on its currency and governmental institutions, in particular.

Climate Change Has Happened: The Middle East's Climate Crisis

In this edition of Iqtisadi: Middle East Economy, Dr. Paul Rivlin analyzes how climate change is no longer just a theoretical issue for those concerned with the future of the environment. It has, in fact, become an issue of major and immediate strategic significance in the Middle East.