Geopolitics of the Middle East

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The “Four Plus One”: The Changing Power Politics of the Middle East

In this inaugural MDC Occasional Paper, Josh Krasna and George Meladze analyze the structure of power in the Middle East during the past decade, mapping the main regional players and the interrelationships between them, and assessing the potential for future change in the politics of the region.

Summit or siesta?

Senior Research Fellow Prof. Bruce Maddy-Weitzman argues that the 2017 Arab League Summit held in Jordan contained little substantive content, but nevertheless served as an indicator of current political dynamics.

On the margin (Mideast Monitor)

MDC Principal Research Fellow Bruce Maddy-Weitzman argues that the Palestinian issue is just one of many on the crowded agenda of Mideast governments and nowhere near the top of their priorities.

Keeping the Pieces, but Changing the Board

MDC Director Prof. Uzi Rabi and Ben Mendales examine the transformative effects that the Islamic State has had on the region, primarily through their doctrine of ‘kasr al-hudud’ [shattering the borders].

Russia's Leverage in the Middle East

MDC Researcher Dr. Brandon Friedman analyses Russia's increasing projection of power and influence in the Middle East, where it undermines Western policy in order to advance its own objectives.