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Jordan’s Reaction to the Gaza War: Caught Between the Public and the ‘Big Bad World’

Jonathan Franco writes about Jordan's reactions to the Israel-Hamas war and the controlled Pro-Palestinian stance it has adopted. This article is part of "The Struggle for Stability: Arab Reactions to the Hamas-Israel War", a joint MDC/KAS publication surveys conservative Arab reactions to the war, focusing on emerging trends and preliminary reactions to the war's first 3-4 months (October 2023-January 2024).

Israel and the Emerging Strategic Architecture in the Middle East

Dr. Joshua Krasna from MDC and Hadar Lasry point to Israel’s changing perception of itself as an integral part of its region, not a “villa in the jungle” separate from it, and its increasing appetite for issue-specific alliances and collective security arrangements. This article is part of a special issue of "Orbis: A Journal of World Affairs", published by MDC's Hiwar Forum, with support from the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Israel office.

Zero-Sum versus Win-Win in the Middle East

In our latest issue of Iqtisadi: The Middle East Economy, Paul Rivlin analyses the economic effects of having a zero-sum versus a win-win approach to problems. Increased bilateral trade since the Abraham Accords offer an example of a win-win scenario while the current Lebanese crisis shows how difficult it can be to escape a zero-sum game.

The Demonstrations on Israel’s Borders in Jordan and Lebanon during the “Guardian of the Walls” Military Operation: Grassroots Protests or Premeditated Outbursts of Rage?

In June issue of Beehive, Shay Jovany compares social mobilisation in Jordan and Lebanon against the Israeli military operation “Guardian of the Walls”. This article is part of special issue, "Social Media in Times of Conflict", which analyses social media activism during the recent military conflict and communal disturbances in May 2021.