Russian involvement in Syria

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Indefinite Agony (Mideast Monitor)

In his October 2016 'Mideast Monitor' column for the Jerusalem Report, Senior Researcher Prof. Bruce Maddy-Weitzman argues that the partial cease-fire agreed upon by the United States and Russia will not ultimately result in a termination of the Syrian conflict.

Cease Fire in Syria - A Calculated Russian Move

In this issue of Middle East Crossroads (צומת המזרח התיכון), Senior Researcher Prof. Eyal Zisser analyzes the cease-fire in Syria, as orchestrated by Russia. In Hebrew.

Triangular Politics in Syria: Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia

MDC Researcher Dr. Brandon Friedman analyzes the roles of Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia in the ongoing Syrian conflict, and argues that Russia's increased military presence in Syria has placed Moscow as a pivotal regional power broker.

Russia's Leverage in the Middle East

MDC Researcher Dr. Brandon Friedman analyses Russia's increasing projection of power and influence in the Middle East, where it undermines Western policy in order to advance its own objectives.

Why Is Russia Standing by Syria?

MDC Visiting Scholar Alex Khlebnikov examines Russia's policies towards the Middle East and its historic ally, Syria.