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The Regional Politics of the Hamas-Israel War

Brandon Friedman, director of research at MDC, published an article in "The Caravan Notebook" of the Hoover Institute at Stanford University on the regional politics of the Israel-Hamas war.

It's all about the pace

Eyal Zisser, the Vice Rector of TAU and former director of MDC, has published an article in "Israel Hayom", discussing the odds regarding a normalization between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Saudi Arabia’s Reluctant Regionalism

Dr. Brandon Friedman discusses the tension between Saudi Arabia’s aspirations for leadership in the region, and the necessity for it to act in concert with other regional actors to achieve its objectives, due to its vulnerability and military weakness. This article is part of a special issue of "Orbis: A Journal of World Affairs", published by MDC's Hiwar Forum, with support from the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Israel office.