Amos Nadan

Amos Nadan

Dr. Amos Nadan, PhD (LSE, 2001) is the Director of the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, Tel Aviv University, and a faculty member of the Department of Middle Eastern and African History at the University.

His research focuses primarily on land-related issues and peasant history, economic history, and the practical application of historical knowledge to current debates, when relevant. Nadan frequently publishes his research in respected international peer-reviewed journals, including recent articles in The Economic History Review, Continuity and Change, Middle Eastern Studies, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, and the Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, as well as contributing to peer-reviewed Israeli journals such as Zmanim, New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and its Region, and the Journal of the Historical Society of Israel. His extensive earlier publications include his book, The Palestinian Peasant Economy under the Mandate, published by Harvard University Press.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Nadan spent more than a decade in senior executive roles in private companies and NGOs. On some occasions he served as a special advisor, leveraging his historical expertise to resolve historically-linked disputes in the arenas of land ownership and economics.

Selected recent publications:

Amos Nadan, "Discourses on Outdated but Still Valid Currencies in Israel, 1850s-2023," Middle Eastern Studies (2023).

Amos Nadan, "Reconsidering Peasant Communes in the Levant, c. 1850s–1940s," The Economic History Review, 74 (1), 2021, pp. 34–59.

Amos Nadan, "The Route from Informal Peasant Landownership to Formal Tenancy and Eviction in Palestine, 1800s–1947," Continuity and Change, 36, 2021, pp. 233-256.

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