Bustan - Vol.11, No.2 (Winter 2020)

Bustan - Vol.11, No.2 (Winter 2020)

Bustan, Vol.11, No.2 (Winter 2020).

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  • Ri
    The Holocaust and North Africa by Aomar Boum, Sarah Abrevaya Stein
    Review by: Dan Michman
  • Transnational Kemalism - Power, Hegemony and Dissidence
    Beyond Turkey's Borders: Long-Distance Kemalism, State Politics and the Turkish Diaspora by Banu Şenay; Long-Distance Kemalism, State Politics and the Turkish Diaspora by Nathalie Clayer, Fabio Giomi, Emmanuel Szurek.
    Review by: Hüsrev Tabak 
  • Iorts of Call by Amin Maalouf; The Hakawati by Rabih Alameddine; Orhan's Inheritance by Aline Ohanesian; Snow by Orhan Pamuk
    Review by: Thomas Charles Toghramadjian

Book Reviews

  • The Making of the Medieval Middle East: Religion, Society, and Simple Believers by Jack Tannous
    Review by: Arietta Papaconstantinou

  • The Making of the Modern Mediterranean: Views from the South by Judith E. Tucker
    Review by: Eric Dursteler

  • Christian Martyrs under Islam: Religious Violence and the Making of the Muslim World by Christian Sahner
    Review by: Milka Levy-Rubin

  • Sport, Politics and Society in the Middle East by Danyel Reiche, Tamir Sorek
    Review by: James M. Dorsey

  • Globalizing Morocco: Transnational Activism and the Postcolonial State by David Stenner
    Review by: Barbara De Poli

  • Haderech lekaf-tet b'November: Parashat UNSCOP vereshit meoravuto shel ha'um basichsuch ha'Aravi-Israeli by Elad Ben-Dror
    Review by: Jonathan Franco

  • Road Warriors: Foreign Fighters in the Armies of Jihad by Daniel Byman
    Review by: Jytte Klausen

  • Revolutionary Justice: Special Courts and the Formation of Republican Egypt by Yoram Meital
    Review by: Yoav Di-Capua

  • The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria by Dara Conduit
    Review by: Joel D. Parker

  • Gendered Morality: Classical Islamic Ethics of the Self, Family, and Society by Zahra Ayubi
    Review by: Benjamin P. Beames

  • Arafat and Abbas: Portraits of Leadership in a State Postponed by Menachem Klein
    Review by: Robert Danin

  • My Struggle for Peace: The Diary of Moshe Sharett, 1953–1956 by Neil Caplan, Yaakov Sharett
    Review by: Itamar Rabinovich