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Turkey and Egypt: Time for Normalization? Not Quite Yet

In this issue of Turkeyscope, Dr. Marwa Maziad discusses the relationship between Turkey and Egypt over the long term. She analyzes the causes and effects of the divergent approaches to domestic and regional politics held presently by the respective Turkish and Egyptian presidents.

Joe Biden’s US Election Victory in the Eyes of Egyptians

In this issue of Beehive, Michael Barak analyzes the reactions in the social media to the election of Joe Biden to the US Presidency among supporters and opponents of the Egyptian regime, including exiled dissidents.

Egypt and the Coronavirus:A Fragile Stability

Michael Barak’s essay outlines the Sisi government’s late start in its effort to curb the crisis and control the media narrative. This article is part of "The Coronavirus in the Middle East: State and Society in a Time of Crisis".