Defeating Hamas is must for Israel and the world

Dr. Harel Chorev has written in the "New York Daily News" on why defeating Hamas is an essential mission for the world, not only Israel.

"Skeptics may question Israel’s ability to defeat Hamas yet absolute defeat is not only possible but a necessity. Even barbaric, tyrannical forces like Nazi Germany or the Islamic State, can be eliminated with the appropriate use of power. Total destruction of entities renders the idea behind it ineffective, but ideas, starting with Nasserism and ending with ISIS, can be destroyed, too. 

The Japanese militarist ideology in World War II was completely uprooted not only because of the atomic bomb but also because the bomb symbolized the total failure of the ideas. Post WWII, the rehabilitation included reeducation of the extreme ideologies found in Germany and Japan that most supported during the war. Both countries have been considered the most pacifist for decades now.

More importantly for our purposes, at the current stage defeating Hamas is not an option, but a necessity and an opportunity that is unlikely to return. Any other outcome that would leave Hamas beaten but undefeated would be a victory for it and its allies specifically, for jihadi culture at large. In such a case, the devastating consequences will reverberate far beyond Israel’s borders."