Harel Chorev and Michael Barak about the Palestinian Response to the Deal of the Century


Dr. Harel Chorev, head of the Middle Eastern Network Analysis Desk at  MDC, and Dr. Michael Barak, a researcher at MDC, were interviewed by Sputnik News on January 27, 2020, regarding the Palestinian response to Trump's "Deal of the Century".

Chorev - "They [PLO] may protest, they will initiate diplomatic campaigns to explain their rejection - as it seems now - of Trump's plan, they might allow popular protest in the West Bank and even halt for a while the security coordination with Israel. However, they will not withdraw from the agreements or dismantle the PA, as they are threatening every now and then". 

Barak - "The Palestinian Authority is not interested in being part of Trump's deal, and cannot accept it, as the PA is convinced the US President is only serving Israeli interests and neglecting the Palestinian side".

Sputnik News, 27.1.2020