Israel at War - MDC Media Update, October 20, 2023

"Iron Swords" War - MDC researchers in Israeli and International Media.

On October 14, Israel announced it is preparing for ground, sea, and land operations in Gaza. According to National Security Advisor, Tzachi Hanegbi, the government is aiming to oust Hamas from power in Gaza and neutralize its military capabilities.

Israel has conscripted 360,000 reservists, the largest mobilization of reserves since the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Israel will have approximately 4-5 percent of its 9.8 million population under arms in the coming weeks. On Wednesday, October 18, US President Joe Biden, visited Israel, delivered public remarks, and met with officials and the victims of the October 7 attacks. Biden was the first US president to pay a wartime visit to Israel.

In our continued effort to keep you well-informed, we have collected media and public appearances of the MDC researchers, who are making every effort to analyze and explain these events in order to help us make better sense of these recent developments.



Prof. Uzi Rabi spoke on Channel 13 (October 15, 2023) about the hostages issue and Hizballah and the northern front.

Dr. Michael Milshtein analyzed in Kan11 podcast the interests of the Arab countries and how they see this war (October 15, 2023).



Dr. Harel Chorev was quoted on Jerusalem Post (October 10, 2023) about the ideological foundations shared by Hamas and ISIS.

Dr. Joshua Krasna participated in Foreign Policy Research Institute's webinar (October 11, 2023) about The Aftermath of Hamas’ Surprise Attack.

Dr. Michael Milshtein to The National (October 12, 2023) about the misperception of Hamas and its ties with Iran.

Dr. Michael Milshtein explains to Newsweek (October 13, 2023) the failure of Israel's governments to really understand what Hamas is and the danger in creating a vacuum in Gaza.

Dr. Harel Chorev was quoted on The Mirror (October 13, 2023) and also spoke on CNN (October 15, 2023) regarding the network of tunnels beneath Gaza used by Hamas.

MDC Director Prof. Uzi Rabi and TAU Vice Rector and former director of MDC Prof. Eyal Zisser analyze in JNS (October 16, 2023) the US effort to prevent the current war from evolving into a regional War.

Dr. Arik Rudnitzky to France24 English (October 16, 2023) About the Israeli deadline for evacuation citizens from Gaza.

Prof. Uzi Rabi participated in a special TAU webinar briefing – "The Middle East Today and What the Future Holds" (October 17, 2023).

Dr. Harel Chorev spoke to Fox Business (October 17, 2023) about the false equation in International media between the Israel response and the massacre done by Hamas and the sentiment among US colleges toward the Israel-Hamas conflict.



Dr. Arik Rudnitzky spoke to Sky News Arabic (October 14, 2023) on Israel's goals towards ground operation in Gaza.



Dr. Harel Chorev was quoted on Welt (October 17, 2023) regarding the discourse in social media about Israel.



Prof. Bruce Maddy-Witzman analyzed on Dnevnik (October 19, 2023) the consequences of the war on the Abraham Accords and the Normalization between Israel and Saudia.



Dr. Harel Chorev was quoted on Adnkronos (October 11, 2023) about the ideological foundations shared by Hamas and ISIS.



Dr. Harel Chorev was quoted on ATV (October, 14, 2023) about the public discourse regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict.



Dr. Harel Chorev was quoted on TWNews (October 13, 2023) regarding the network of tunnels beneath Gaza used by Hamas.