Israel at War - MDC Media Update, November 30, 2023

Israel at War - MDC researchers in Israeli and International Media.


In the eighth week of the war, Israel and Hamas agreed to a four-day "pause" in the fighting to exchange 50 Israeli hostages for 150 Palestinian prisoners. Between November 24 and November 27, four groups of Israeli hostages were released by Hamas. The deal was mediated by Qatar, Egypt, and the United States. After the four-day pause expired, a two-day extension was negotiated, which allowed for an exchange of two additional groups of hostages. On Thursday, November 30, it looks like there will be a third-day added to the initial four-day pause to return a seventh group of hostages, including the bodies of three Israelis. The pause has focused the Israeli public's attention on the diplomatic process that led to the release of the hostages, their treatment in captivity, and the fate of the remaining hostages being held in Gaza.

In our continued effort to keep you well-informed, please see the list below of media and public appearances by MDC researchers during the past week. We are continuing our efforts to analyze and explain the fluid developments in this conflict for the general public and our community of subscribers.



Dr. Michael Milshtein spoke to N12 (November 24, 2023) about the attempts of Gaza residents to return to the northern Gaza Strip following the ceasefire.

Prof. Uzi Rabi analyzed for GLZ Radio (November 25, 2023) Qatar's interests behind mediating the deal to release the hostages (from minute 100:47).

Prof. Uzi Rabi spoke to Kan11 (November 25, 2023) about the negotiations to release the Israeli hostages.

Dr. Michael Milshtein analyzed in Haaretz (November 26, 2023) the organizational hierarchy of Hamas.

Prof. Eyal Zisser explained in Israel Hayom (November 26, 2023) why Israel must continue the military operation against Hamas when the ceasefire ends.

Prof. Uzi Rabi spoke to Channel 13 (November 27, 2023) about the delegation from Qatar that arrived in Israel during the ceasefire.

Dr. Mira Tzoreff spoke to GLZ Radio (November 27, 2023) about the role played by Egypt and Qatar in the negotiations with Hamas (from minute 96:35).

Prof. Uzi Rabi explained to Globes (November 27, 2023) the difficulties in the negotiations with Hamas to release the hostages.

Dr. Harel Chorev wrote in Ynet (November 27, 2023) about the importance of eliminating Hamas for Israel and why it is important from the Arab-regional and international perspectives, as well.

Dr. Michael Milshtein was interviewed by Kan Beit Radio (November 28, 2023) and analyzed how Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar understands the war and the situation now in the Gaza Strip (from minute 48:32).

Dr. Harel Chorev was interviewed by GLZ Radio (November 29, 2023) regarding the negotiations to release the hostages and Israel’s red lines (from minute 47:35).



Dr. Nir Boms was interviewed by I24 News (November 23, 2023) and explained the international attitudes towards the war.

Dr. Arik Rudnitzky was interviewed by France24 (November 24, 2023) regarding the deal to release approximately 50 of the Israeli hostages.

Dr. Joshua Krasna argued in an interview to The Hub (November 24, 2023) that Israel’s goal of completely destroying Hamas is unrealistic.

Dr. Michael Milshtein was interviewed by Haaretz (November 26, 2023) analyzing the discourse in Arab media towards the October 7 attacks and the war in Gaza.

Dr. Harel Chorev spoke to TVP World (November 27, 2023) regarding the deal to release Israeli hostages.

Dr. Michael Milshtein was interviewed by Fox News (November 27, 2023) and explained Hamas’s psychological warfare.

Dr. Harel Chorev explained on NPR (November 28, 2023) who are the Palestinians prisoners that Israel released in exchange for the Israeli hostages.



Dr. Harel Chorev spoke to BBC News al-Arabi (November 26, 2023) about Israel's military operation’s progress against Hamas and its prospect of continuing when the ceasefire ends (the second part of the interview is available – here).

Dr. Arik Rudnitzky discussed on France24 Arabic (November 28, 2023) the divisive issues which threaten the Israeli government following the war.



Michael Milshtein was interviewed by News24 (November 27, 2023) and explained the Hamas’s psychological warfare.



Dr. Michael Milshtein was interviewed by La Repubblica (November 24, 2023) regarding the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.



Dr. Michael Milshtein was interviewed by Ziare (November 23, 2023) discussing possible scenarios for the future of the Gaza Strip.