Michael Milstein on BICOM's Podcast on the recent wave of violence in the West Bank


Michael Milstein was interviewed on BICOM's podcast on the escalation of violence and terror felt in Israel coming from the West Bank, what may be expected during the upcoming Ramadan period, and the future of the West Bank.

"We can find three reasons for this challenge. The first one is social...the rising of the young Palestinian Z generation. When can see that when you check the profiles of most of the Palestinians who committed terror attacks during the last year and also during the very cruel terror attacks in the last weeks in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, most of them were from the Z generation, they were born after 2000, most of them are not affiliated with any political organization in the Palestinian arena, especially not the Palestinian Authority, and they act individually or in the frame of very small and limited cells, most of them local.

The second reason is the broad, deep weakness of the Palestinian Authority. Actually there is a lack of Sovereignty in many areas of the West Bank, basically the northern parts Jenin and Nablus, and here we are talking about lack of self confidence and very poor public image of the Palestinian Authority in the eyes of the Palestinians.

The third reason is the ongoing tough incitement of Hamas that actually supplies ideological fuel for the violent attacks during the last year... the combination of these three reasons explains this ongoing escalation. During the last two months, there was an addition to the broad atmosphere of escalation, and this is the unclear policy of the Israeli government regarding the Palestinian area. Actually today in Israel we do not know what is the exact policy of the government towards the Palestinian arena."

The full interview can be found here.