What Happens if Israel Topples Hamas in Gaza

Dr. Michael Milshtein analyzes in "Haaretz" the various proposals that come up in Israel regarding the future of the Gaza Strip.

"In light of the huge number of casualties suffered by Israel, it is preparing to deliver a response on a historic scale. However, the excessive use of military terms, some of them vague – such as talk about the collapse of Hamas rule or of cutting off the organization’s military and governmental capabilities – could attest to confusion about the actual desired goals, and possibly also to a continuation of the conceptual flaws that characterized the Israeli system in regard to the Gaza Strip until October 7. Focusing exclusively on the military campaign without formulating a detailed plan for the day after, is liable to leave Israel confronted with threats at the end of the war that are as grave as those it faced before it."

"Israel today has four alternatives vis-à-vis the Gaza Strip, all of them bad, and it must choose the lesser of the evils. The first two can be termed disastrous."

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Read the full article in English - Haaretz, 26.10.23.

Read the full article in Hebrew - Haaretz, 26.10.23.