Economy of Saudi Arabia

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Nationalism and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Brandon Friedman, director of research at MDC, published an article in "Bustan: A Middle East Book Review", reviewing Ben Hubbard, David B. Ottaway, and Madawi Al-Rasheed's books on nationalism and development in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Sheikh Up

Paul Rivlin analyzes the economic factors behind the political shifts in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia's Plans for Change: Are they feasible?

MDC Senior Research Fellow Paul Rivlin and MDC Intern Andrea Helfant show how the recent decline in Saudi oil revenue – from $330 billion in 2012 to a forecast $115-130 billion in 2016 – has led to radical policy changes and assess the prospects for their implementation.

Saudi Arabia's Multiple Crises

Senior Researcher Dr. Paul Rivlin explains the challenges facing Saudi Arabia in light of low oil prices and its regional rivalry with Iran.