Energy Policy in the Middle East

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Turkey is Making Waves in the Eastern Mediterranean

MDC intern Tess Geri writes about the effect of the natural gas reserves' discovery on the alliances and conflicts in the Eastern Mediterranean, focusing on Turkey's actions to expand its naval presence in this area.

Iran attacks Saudi Arabia

Paul Rivlin examines the economic effects of the recent drone strikes carried out in Saudi Arabia by Iranian proxies.

What's happening in the Oil Markets?

Senior Research Fellow Paul Rivlin analyzes recent trends in the global energy markets and how they reflect, and influence, regional events in the Middle East.

Kurdistan’s Economic Woes

Paul Rivlin analyzes the consequences of the recent KRG loss of oil fields in the Kirkuk region following the September 2017 independence referendum.

The Changing Equation in Cyprus

Hay Eytan Cohen Yanarocak discusses the changing power equation in Cyprus and the role of natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean.