Islamic Movement in Israel

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The Islamic Movement in Israel

Inbal Tal has published a book review in "Bustan: The Middle East Book Review" of Tilde Rosmer's "The Islamic Movement in Israel".

“The New Way”: The Key to Understanding Ra’am’s Strategy

The current issue of Bayan includes two articles that discuss the ideological and political characteristics of the Ra’am party, which is the political arm of the Islamic Movement, headed by Mansour Abbas. Dr. Michael Milshtein's article analyses Ra’am’s political strategy, which is referred to as “The New Way”.

The “Trust and Reform” Party: New Arab Politics in Israel?

Arik Rudnitzky, the Project Manager for Tel Aviv University's Konrad Adenauer Program for Jewish-Arab Cooperation, explains the background of the founders of a new political party in Israel and what the party means for Arab politics in Israel.