Bayan: The Arabs in Israel (Issue 2)

In this issue: Bayan examines the opinions and reactions of the Arab public in Israel to the current operation in Gaza.

The issue contains three opinion pieces and one column. The editorials each represent a different viewpoint, and are reflective of prevalent positions held by Arab scholars and public figures in Israel. The opening editorial by Dr. Nohad ‘Ali was written before the military operation in Gaza commenced, and therefore focuses on the early stage of the crisis. The next editorial is a personal call to Israel’s Jewish population by Muhammad Darawsha, written at the height of the military operation. The third editorial, by Nadia Hilou, is an attempt to describe the situation as it existed in August 2014. The concluding column by Brian Miculitzki, is entitled, “Glance at the Electronic Media,” focuses on the reaction to the events in the Arab political sphere in Israel.