It's all about the pace

Eyal Zisser, the Vice Rector of TAU and former director of MDC, has published an article in "Israel Hayom", discussing the odds regarding a normalization between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

"The peace train between Israel and Saudi Arabia has long left the station, but it is traveling at Riyadh's speed: two steps forward; one step back. It is still unclear when exactly it will reach its final destination.

The Saudis, true to their cautious approach, have been engaged in doublespeak. They have expressed interest and even hope that normalization will happen, seeing Israel as an anchor for regional stability, but at the same time, they have placed a whole laundry list of conditions that would make such a prospect hard to achieve, even impossible. At the same time, they have been embracing the members of the Middle Eastern axis of evil, starting with Syria and ending with Iran, with which it has recently reinstated diplomatic relations after a long hiatus.

But despite the lack of clarity, the question is not whether Israel-Saudi peace is feasible or even desired; that rubicon was already crossed by the Saudis a long time ago. The question is how long before this takes place."

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