Social Media: A Shaping Force Of Identity And Action – The Palestinian Case

Head of the Doron Halpern MENAD program, Dr. Harel Chorev, writes for the Hoover Institution about the importance of social media in Palestinian public discourse.

"[...] the seemingly contradictory individualistic and collectivistic sides of Palestinian youth are in fact reconcilable, and that social media plays a key role in framing the two together. They reject the social and political templates imposed by the traditional collectives, and expect the freedom to choose and even create the collective that suits their personal views and interests.

Social media provides such alternatives by creating social arenas in the form of online communities of various sizes and interests, ranging from small local groups to national-level ones. These online communities augment and sometimes even replace the old collectives as sources of authority and as an arena for collective action in the pursuit of a diverse range of goals."