Dear Diary: My month in Tel Aviv… Emirati woman researcher recollects her travels

אליאזיה ג'סים אל-חוסני ממכון המחקר האמירתי TRENDS שבילתה חודש במרכז משה דיין כמתמחה, כותבת ל-Gulf News על התקופה שבילתה בתל אביב (באנגלית).

"As an Emirati researcher working in a global think-tank, I have been given the opportunity to open doors to a place we have never explored before. One of Trends’ main objectives is to bridge different think tanks globally, and they gave me the chance to exchange knowledge with the researchers of Israel, which is now possible thanks to the Abraham Accords.

I won’t lie; I got goosebumps when I got the news of being the first Emirati researcher to intern at an Israeli-based think-tank, The Moshe Dayan Centre for Middle Eastern and African Studies in Tel Aviv. I wanted a chance to see who Israelis are. This meant I had to jump into the unknown and to explore the unknown."