Meir Litvak

Meir Litvak

Meir Litvak (PhD, Harvard, 1991) is an Associate Professor at the Department of Middle Eastern and African History at Tel Aviv University; Former Chair of the department and Former Director of the Alliance Center for Iranian Studies at Tel Aviv University. 

He is the author of Shi'i Scholars of Nineteenth Century Iraq: The ‘Ulama’ of Najaf and Karbala’ (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998), co-author of Iran: from a Persian Empire to an Islamic Republic (Tel Aviv: Open University of Israel Press, 2014, Hebrew), and co-author with Esther Webman, From Empathy to Denial: Arab Responses to the Holocaust (New York: Columbia University Press, 2009, Hebrew edition 2015). In addition he has edited and co-edited eight books, the most recent one being Constructing Nationalism in Iran: From the Qajars to the Islamic Republic, which was published in May 2017. He has also published articles on modern Shi‘i and Iranian history as well as on modern Islamic movements.